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The pasture dryer is the main mechanical equipment for rapid drying and dehydration of the stems and leaves of plants such as imperial bamboo grass, giant fungus grass, oat grass, elephant grass, alfalfa grass, etc. It is mechanized and has a large daily output. The moisture content of dried forage is about 15%, which is of high value and quality as forage feed or biomass fuel. Therefore, an industrial tumble dryer can be used for the drying of imperial bamboo grass, which can be dried at low temperature, has strong operability, is durable and environmentally friendly.

The working principle of pasture dryer

The material flow is: the crushed forage with moisture of about 45-75% is sent to the drum by the conveyor to realize downstream drying. Three layers, to realize the heat exchange between the forage grass and the hot air quality, the forage grass that achieves the drying effect travels quickly and is discharged from the drum under the action of the wind, and the wet forage grass that does not achieve the drying effect cannot travel quickly due to its own weight, and the forage grass is fully dried within the control stroke, thus To achieve the drying effect, the moisture of the forage grass is reduced to 14-18% (customer requirements), the drying process is completed, and it is discharged by the screw conveyor. A special removal device is installed inside the drum to prevent uneven drying of the pasture. The gas flow is: the pasture dryer is equipped with an indirect clean hot blast stove. The clean air is pressurized by the blower and enters the heat exchanger for heating. The temperature reaches 150-350°C. Moisture, the temperature is lowered to 35-55 °C and discharged from the dryer, and the dust-containing moisture is purified and discharged by the dust collector.

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