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Hunan bamboo dryer installation



Bamboo shavings is a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection raw material. Bamboo powder is not only a common filling aid, but also can produce a variety of products. It is widely used in industries, and can be used as bamboo and plastic products, natural materials, mosquito coils, leather, clothing, paper, electrical appliances, and life. Supplies, paints, cat litter, chemicals, insulation materials, outdoor decoration materials, building materials and other raw materials. The rise of the bamboo chip drying and reprocessing industry has also been accompanied by sawdust, sawdust, shavings, wood flour, building blocks, bark, branches and other wood scraps, also known as popular processing materials.

bamboo dhips dryer.jpg

bamboo dhips dryer.jpg

Dingli supply a full set of bamboo chip dryer equipment, also applies to sawdust, sawdust and other materials, equipment, energy saving and environmental protection, suitable for a variety of materials processing technology. Dingli not only supplies high-quality drying equipment, but also provides complete and high-quality after-sales services and makes every detail possible. Hunan Bamboo Yarn Dryer customers said in feedback that the company's technical engineers are commendable for their professional qualities and work attitudes, and their bamboo drying production line will be put into operation according to its expected date.


Hunan's bamboo dryer project is not the first project of a full-scale bamboo drying equipment, nor is it a project with a larger capacity, but it must be a project with a strong reputation.

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