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Dingli's potato dregs dryer



  For the dehydration and drying of potato dregs, customers prefer the high productivity and low cost of the equipment. As a result, Dingli's potato dregs dryers broke through the heat source, tumble dryer and exhaust gas treatment to achieve energy-saving technological innovation and application. The thermal efficiency was increased by 25% and the power consumption was reduced by 13%. Dryer land area At the same time, the use of a three-layer drum dryer will greatly increase the capacity of the equipment. Customers not only continuously perform high-load operations, but also easily pass EIAs. The cost of pollution control is low, ensuring the company's continuous operation.

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What can we give?


  Dingli can not only customize the supply of good equipment, but also add a tumble dryer cleaning device to the traditional technology to prevent the high starch content of potato dregs and other high-humidity products from being easily agglomerated and sticky wall problems, and at the same time adopting the company's patented technical support roller organization. And the transmission organization, reduce equipment wear, lengthen the use of the cycle, so that customers buy a potato dregs dryer, the share of the annual investment is greatly reduced, while the relative increase in revenue. Welcome to full consultation and order equipment.

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