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Dingli Sawdust Dryer is firm and green



   The harm caused by industrial pollution in the past is being fulfilled at present. The environment on which it depends is deteriorating and development, and environmental protection has become the theme of the times. Zhengzhou Dingli Sawdust Dryer firmly takes the position of green environmental protection camp, and the wood chips are dried and recycled for reuse.

   The green operation of the wood chip dryer is reflected in two points. One is the heat source cleaning and environmental protection, the tail gas discharge is clean, and the low noise pollution. Zhengzhou Dingli environmentally friendly wood chip drying equipment is also technically improved through these three points. At present, Dingli Sawdust Dryer has unprecedented enhancement in environmental performance, and Dingli belongs to customized production. Therefore, it will carry out technical design and equipment configuration according to customers' individual requirements, without worrying about the high cost of sawdust dryer.

   The customer customizes according to the individual budget and the local environmental assessment requirements. Zhengzhou Dingli will formulate the wood chip drying technology plan according to the customer's order requirements, and the customer will enter the production process after passing. The performance improvement of the environmentally-friendly wood chip dryer did not lead to an excessive increase in the price. On the contrary, Zhengzhou Dingli's price offer in 2018 was more favorable, and the direct interest enjoyed by customers increased. Welcome to consult and order equipment.

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