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Coal dryer needs regular cleaning and maintenance



  Some customers are in high spirits when purchasing coal drying equipment. After the coal slime drying equipment is put into production, it is dusty. The equipment has been put into production and has been neglected for later cleaning and maintenance. When the coal drying production line has some faults. Or even more serious consequences are regretted. In fact, some problems can be avoided through daily cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, Xiao Bian reminds everyone: After purchasing coal drying equipment, don’t just keep using it. Regular cleaning and maintenance is to ensure the efficiency of the production line. The right way.


  When it comes to the maintenance and cleaning of coal dryer equipment, many people disagree, but often these factors that we do not pay attention will cause serious consequences. The daily coal dryer will run for a long time, and aggregates will appear in the parts and affect normal operation. At this point, you need to stop working for cleaning. For the fan, the slime dryer should check whether the shaft and the bearing are short of oil and heat, whether there is vibration or noise, etc. If necessary, clean the blades and balance the blades. Is the link between the bearing and the seal part firm and the lubricant condition of the various parts of the dryer and the position of the valve port in the desired position. Whether the motors of the dryer have heat, vibration, abnormal sound, etc., whether the instruments and electrical appliances of the control cabinet work normally. Whether the parts of the coal drying production line are loose or not, and the cleaning work after the equipment is put into production and after use. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.

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