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How to choose the raw materials of the drying line equipment



  The raw materials of the dryer equipment have a direct relationship with the investment cost and benefit of the production line. How do you choose the raw materials for the drying line equipment?
  Choose materials according to customer requirements. Nowadays, the general dryer manufacturer will customize the dryer according to the customer's needs, so the choice of raw materials will also be affected by the needs of customers. : According to the materials to be dried, the raw materials of the dryer are selected. The general materials will be selected from steel. At that time, some special materials (corrosive materials) need to select specific materials. Since the rotary tumble dryer is in contact with hot air, it is necessary to have good thermal conductivity of the materials used in the manufacture of the dryer. Dryer manufacturers should pay attention when selecting raw materials. **After the hardness and high temperature resistance of the raw materials, since the rotary tumble dryer is high temperature and dry, it is recommended that the raw materials have high temperature resistance and a certain hardness.
  The above are several requirements for the general selection of dryer raw materials. At present, Dingli can tailor the equipment according to the customer's production needs. Welcome customers who come to our company for inspection and consultation.

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