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What is effect of excessive temperature during drying process of brewer's grain spent dryer?



  In the process of drying the brewer's grain spent in the brewer's grain spent dryer, what effect does it have if it is in a high temperature environment for a long time? Today we will introduce it to you.


  In a high temperature environment, not only the heat generated by the operation of the equipment is affected by the operation of the ambient temperature, but also the temperature of the equipment is increased, which affects the working performance of the brewer's grain spent dryer, especially the high temperature environment. The performance of the engine intake system is greatly reduced, which seriously affects the efficient operation of the equipment. Higher temperatures can also result in reduced sealing performance of the brewer's grain spent dryer, which in turn increases the chance of engine oil leakage and increases equipment oil consumption. In the long-term high temperature environment, the hydraulic system may also explode, such as squib, joint oil leakage, solenoid valve coil burnout, and hydraulic valve jam. Since the wood distiller's dryer itself is working in a high temperature environment, if the temperature of the outside is too high, the cylinder of the apparatus is easily deformed under the condition of uneven heating of the cylinder, which causes great damage to the equipment. The distiller's yeast dryer is produced under long-term high temperature conditions, and it is easy to cause the performance of the lubrication system to deteriorate, the oil quality to change, and the various transmission systems such as the chassis are prone to wear and the like. The use of the brewer's grain spent dryer in a high temperature state tends to cause the wire to age too fast, and some circuits may be more susceptible to cracking of the skin due to thermal expansion and contraction of the metal, resulting in a short circuit failure. When the brewer's grain spent dryer is exposed to high temperatures for a long time, the appearance of the paint layer, brake system, clutch, throttle control system and metal structure will change.


  The above is about the consequences of the high temperature environment in the drying process of the distiller's dryer. Dingli provides customers has high-end brewer's grain spent dryer, technical support and services for a long time. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.

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