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How much does the sand dryer sell?



  The sand dryer is used for drying and dehydrating heavy materials with high moisture content such as river sand, quartz sand and bauxite. The final moisture can be controlled to a water content of about 7%, which is determined by customer requirements. Where is the sand dryer sold? How much is it?


  The sand dryer usually adopts a single-cylinder dryer as the carrier. The drying principle mainly uses the heat exchange method to promote the strong heat of the wet sand, the water evaporation, and then create a drying effect. The drying structure uses a baffle and a lifting plate to promote the formation of a uniform curtain of sand, so that the heat is even, and the dry sand does not appear uneven.

  How much is the sand dryer? How much processing capacity of the average customer determines how much capital investment the customer needs, ranging from 100,000 or 100,000, but choosing Dingli to protect customers will only benefit more and longer, preferential price, value of equipment value. They are all proof of the strength of Dingli. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.

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