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Dingli Hebei customer cooperation yeast dryer project



  Yesterday, a good news came from our sales department: our company signed a new order - Hebei customers to buy a yeast dryer. Two sides officially signed a contract on October 30, the signing of the contract marks our yeast. The yeast dryer will advance into the utilization of yeast utilization in Hebei Power Enterprise.
  Dingli Yeast Dryer is different from traditional yeast dryer, which effectively solves the drawbacks of traditional yeast dryer equipment, which is time-consuming, laborious and has small output. It can be used for large-scale yeast dehydration and drying, with low investment and good effect. With the features of labor, small land occupation, high thermal efficiency, multi-purpose, simple and flexible, in addition to providing users with high-quality equipment, our company can design economical, applicable, efficient and energy-saving according to customer's on-site hardware conditions and fuel requirements.

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