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How much is the sawdust drying granulation production line?



  How much is sawdust drying granulation production line? The market prospect of sawdust for the production of sawdust pellet fuel is considerable, and the economic benefits created are also obvious. The domestic biomass production system of sawdust, sawdust and bamboo chips is in a rapid growth period with many opportunities and large profit margins.


  What are the supporting equipment for the sawdust drying and granulating production line? Grading, dryer, granulator, cooler, baler and process equipment for dust removal, water addition and other equipment. What is the price of a sawdust drying granulation line? The production line configuration, production line specifications, technical requirements, etc. will affect the manufacturer's quotation. In the second half of the year, Dingli manufacturers will increase the price and profit, expand the profit margin of customers and accelerate the return of the project.


  The sawdust drying granulation production line has a better market prospect. At present, many provinces in China are restricting coal burning, and environmental protection efforts are increasing. The sawdust drying and granulating production line not only has considerable economic value, but also reduces the pollution of sawdust waste and improves the utilization rate of wood processing. Environmental significance, which has laid the foundation for demand and policy support for the rapid and normal operation of the sawdust biomass fuel market. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.

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