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Application of white wine distiller dryer in biomass energyization of white distiller's grains



  Liquor grains are the by-products of white wine brewing. The annual output is also very large. The high-humidity white distiller's grains will cause environmental pollution and waste of resources. Therefore, manufacturers have used their secondary processing, and the white distiller's grains are processed into feed and organic fertilizer. Today, biogas, etc., introduces the use of biomass and energy of white distiller's grains, and some applications of white distiller dryer in its utilization.


  The advantage of white distiller's grains as a biomass fuel: Compared with straw, distiller's grains have uniform particles and small diameter. Generally, there is no need to carry out pre-crushing finishing, which is easier to form. At the same time, it contains a large amount of combustibles such as rice husk, and the fuel utilization value is higher. Enterprises can use the liquor distiller dryer to treat it into biomass fuel, which can greatly reduce the pollution damage to the environment and effectively achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction. At present, the utilization of distiller's grains is also generally favored by enterprises.


  In order to meet the needs of corporate customers for white wine dryers, Dingli has launched a variety of drying equipment to meet the needs of customers to deal with large quantities of white wine, welcome to come to the factory to buy.


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