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How much is the area of 2 tons of white wine brewer's grain spent dryer?



  What is the area of the 2 ton white brewer's grain spent dryer? How much is the processing capacity of 16 tons of white brewer's grain spent drying equipment per day? Dingli supplies a variety of specifications of white brewer's grain spent dryer, how to plan the venue of the white brewer's grain spent dryer, and how much space and other parameters, Dingli will make reasonable planning for customers to reduce the drying cost of white brewer's grain spent.  


  What is the area of the 2 ton white brewer's grain spent dryer? The white brewer's grain spent dryer uses a three-cylinder dryer, which effectively reduces the floor space of the dryer, and the heating time of the material in the tumble dryer is extended, fully heated, and heat utilization rate. It is also relatively high. Therefore, the tart rotary dryer not only has a small footprint, but also has a large processing capacity and relatively low energy consumption. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment of brewer's grain spent dryer.


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