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Dingli large-scale coal slime dryer equipment arrived in Shanxi Province



  On the morning of November 17, coal slime dryer equipment cooperated with Shanxi customers from Zhengzhou, Henan Province, and arrived safely and smoothly at the customer installation site. Our after-sales installation team also followed. The equipment is currently being organized in an orderly manner to the appropriate site and will be installed soon.


  In order to ensure the smooth transportation, we are in the process of equipment packaging, the project leader goes deep into the workshop, tracking the whole process, avoiding the arbitrariness of workers, and ensuring that height of the equipment is within the allowable range. In the process of loading, always insist on putting safety work in the first place, arrange special personnel to check the equipment bundle, and carry out detailed inspection on the safe operation of the vehicle, especially in the process of unloading, installation, lifting, large-lift lifting, and installation etc. After the scene, there are special personnel on-site command to ensure that the lifting and anchoring cables are firm and reliable, and the on-site measures are strictly implemented to ensure the safe and smooth transportation and installation work.

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