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How much does the potato slag drying cost really increase?



  What kind of machine is needed to dry potato dregs, how much is cost of potato slag drying? Is it really too costly to cause the burden on the enterprise to increase? The current potato residue drying technology continues to develop and improve. The potato residue drying not only reduces the cost, but also improves the drying quality. It also meets the current environmental protection requirements of China and continues to produce large quantities.

  Potato slag, also known as potato slag, is a by-product of water, cell debris and residual starch granules. Fresh potato slag usually has a water content of 86% to 92%, and its self-contained bacteria has as many as 33 kinds. It is difficult to store and transport, is prone to spoilage and produces foul odor, causing environmental pollution. The cost of passive pollution control is far greater than the cost of potato slag dryer and project operation cost. The current potato slag reduction and resource treatment are mandatory requirements.Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.

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