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A quick and easy way to deal with brewer's grain spent after brewing



   Brewer's grain spent after brewing have a large water content, and the water will be polluted by the factory. It does not meet the ex-factory standards for high-humidity materials in China. How to deal with brewer's grain spent after brewing is fast and low-cost?


  How to treat the dried brewer's grain spent after drying. Drying is generally suitable for wineries or feed mills and aquaculture plants with small daily output. This method can be used for dehydration of brewer's grain spent, but it requires greater drying, weather and manpower, and has a long cycle and difficult water control. 

  How to deal with brewer's grain spent after the brewing. Brewer's grain spent dryer has the advantages of high efficiency, strong drying, environmental protection and low consumption. The distiller's dryer uses a three-layer tumble dryer. The entire production line has a small footprint and a large processing capacity. The daily processing can be from several tons to hundreds of tons. Therefore, the quick and simple method of treating brewer's grain spent uses the brewer's grain spent dryer. Relatively more suitable for industrial economy.

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