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Shanxi large-scale coal slime dryer equipment is in close installation



   Zhengzhou Dingli is a manufacturer specializing in the production of coal slime dryer equipment. In recent years, the sales area has increased year by year, and the performance is proud! In 2018, the number of coal dryers sold in the company reached dozens of production lines, and the hot-selling equipment was coal slime dryer equipment. In September of this year, our company and Shanxi customers cooperated with a coal slime drying line, which is currently being installed in an orderly manner. The person in charge of the project is the very experienced professional in the installation of coal slime drying equipment. Shanxi Province is the main cooperation site of Zhengli Dingli coal slime drying equipment. There are many coal slime drying production lines in our company. 


  Zhengzhou Dingli's coal slime dryer production line carefully designed for customers can customize coal slime dryer model according to customer's production requirements to adapt to production tasks. After drying, the moisture of the slime does not exceed 15%, effectively improving the utilization of low-order resources and allowing customers to benefit twice. In response to the development trend of the times, we are a senior technician of coal drying equipment manufacturer.

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