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Several factors affecting the price of cassava residue dryer



   The prospect of cassava residue dryer application is widely optimistic, because the cassava dregs feed drying treatment equipment not only handles the cassava residue disposal problem for the public, but also produces nutritious feed for the animal husbandry. Because this industry is optimistic, many companies are now investing in the industry to purchase cassava residue feed processing equipment.


  The production of cassava residue drying equipment is inseparable from the production process and raw materials. These two aspects are also factors affecting the price. Because of the high price of good raw materials, the price of such processing equipment is also high, and if the drying processing equipment The self-developed drying technology used, the cost is lower than the cost of purchasing equipment for drying technology, and whether the equipment is produced in large scale etc. These will also cause the floating of the cassava residue drying equipment. 

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