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Solve the trick of breaking the brewer's grains spent production line



   There are many factors that will affect the operation of the brewer's grains spent drying production line. If an unexpected situation occurs, it should be dealt with as soon as possible. Today, Dingli will share a small trick to solve the problem of avoiding the breakage of brewer's grains spent drying production line.


  The breakage of brewer's grains spent dried production line may cause the phenomenon of burning the dryer's lifting plate. In order to avoid the serious consequences caused by the broken material, the production line needs to inspect the personnel, and at the same time reduce the bulk of brewer's grains spent and other debris into the dryer. Install a thermocouple on the flue gas pipe at the tail of the dryer to set the upper and lower limits of the temperature. If the temperature of the flue gas is not within the upper and lower limits, the surveyor should handle it in time. When the raw material breaks, the temperature of the flue gas rises sharply. Thermocouple alarm, the alarm signal is sent to the operation room of the dryer, reminding the operator to deal with raw material breakage in time, shortening the time of material breakage, avoiding the occurrence of the burnt-out accident of the lifting plate, and the occurrence of the material breakage may not only cause The damage of other accessories will also have a certain impact on the production line, which may result in low drying efficiency, so this situation and its consequences should be avoided as much as possible. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.

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