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Dingli energy-saving and environmental protection straw dryer



  It is a commonly used equipment in straw drying machinery industry. After various materials are dried, they are often easy to use and store. Straw drying is a typical heat energy use process, and energy conservation and emission reduction are particularly important.


  Straw dryer is mainly used for the drying and dehydration of stems and leaves of crops including wheat straw, sorghum, corn stalks, pasture, rice, peanut pods, soybean straw, rice, straw, sweet potato pods and other crops. The technology has matured, the performance is stable, the market price is transparent, the manufacturer's comprehensive service system is perfect, and the energy-saving straw drying machine pushes the enviro4nmental protection and low consumption performance to a higher level. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order energy saving and environmental protection straw dryer.

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