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Forage grass drying equipment with better hay quality



  Forage grass is dried and dehydrated by a professional pasture dryer. The  storage and transportation can guarantee its quality and thus flexibly carry out  marketing operations. Forage grass dryer is mainly dried by low-temperature hot  air. Therefore, after drying, the grass has no great difference in color and  taste. Forage grass dryer uses rotary dryer as the carrier, and applies the  three-layer rotary drum drying structure. The high-speed drum dryer has a small  footprint, large processing capacity, high heat utilization rate, and relatively  low cost. It is the more popular forage grass drying equipment on the market.


  Forage grass dryer adopts energy-saving clean burner and matching  cyclone dust collector and bag filter or wet dust collector to meet the current  green production requirements. Customers worry about the environmental problems of  forage grass drying, and continue to operate efficiently. Double protection of  prevention and management technologies.

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