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Introduction to the safety operation knowledge of pasture dryer



  The operational safety of the equipment is important. The safety of the pasture dryer has two main aspects: the safety of the equipment itself and the safety of the operation. Generally, pasture dryer manufacturer verifies the equipment when designing the equipment. So today I am introducing the safety operation of the pasture dryer.


  The safety operation of the pasture dryer must first ensure that the operating personnel can operate correctly. If the unintelligible staff may cause process errors and cause safety hazards, if it is not a new equipment, it is necessary to check the accessories or The integrity of the components, these details are also the safety hazard of the equipment, some external factors during operation, such as fire prevention measures, etc., the temperature of the equipment operation is controlled. If the temperature of the equipment is too high, the cause should be checked. Avoid more serious consequences. In fact, the pasture dryer should be in place during the operation of the monitoring, because it can detect the abnormality of the equipment during operation, and stop the treatment as soon as possible.

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