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How to drying pasture and straw?



  How to drying grass and straw? Very simple, a set of grass feed dryer can be simple, saves time and effort and saves money in the long run. The grass feed dryer performs the drying of grass and straw in the form of drum drying, which has a large processing capacity and saves the land area.


  How does the tumble dryer dry grass and straw? First of all, it belongs to low-temperature drying, which has a better effect on the color and taste of grass and straw. The dry material is more suitable for livestock as feed. Secondly, the tumble dryer is a three-layer rotary drying structure. The wet grass and straw stay in the tumble dryer for a long time, and the heat is more sufficient. At the same time, the feed amount is also large, and the rotary dryer is reduced. Length, saving more floor space and reducing the cost of land rent for customers.

  Grass feed dryers are also known as pasture dryers, all kinds of alfalfa, oat grass, Timothy, planter grass, grassy, ryegrass, etc., as well as green corn straw, wheat straw, soybean straw, peanut meal, Sweet potato vines can be dried. Welcome to consult and order pasture dryers.

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