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Shanxi large coal slime dryer project is under construction



  The construction site of our large coal slime dryer project was carefully prepared in Shanxi Province. All the materials were in place, and the installation equipment was also fully entered. A coal drying machine equipment installation battle was kicked off. At the project site, the main part of the large coal slime dryer equipment has been roughly completed.


  In order to build a high-quality project, display a good corporate image and strong technical and management strength, Zhengzhou Dingli Company concentrates its strength and carries out preliminary preparation, research and design demonstration. A large amount of data collection, screening, summarization and digestion were carried out around site planning, equipment selection, process optimization and operation mode etc. And the coal slime drying production line was tailored for customers, and a suitable construction plan was proposed, which laid a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the project.

  In order to achieve effective dust reduction, the coal slime dryer equipment is fully enclosed, which is a drying system + clean heat source device + multi-stage dust removal system, which effectively solves the dust problem during the operation of the coal slime dryer and meets Shanxi environmental assessment standard.

  As a professional manufacturer of coal slime dryer equipment, Zhengzhou Dingli has built many projects in many coal provinces and established long-term cooperative relationships with many local customers. The construction of this project marks the addition of fine products to our company.

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