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Shandong coal slime dryer project is in hot installation



  At yesterday, from the installation site of the Shandong coal slime dryer project, the large-scale coal slime drying production line with a daily output of 1,500 tons has been basically hoisted, and the main part is basically in place. The project will be delivered on time to ensure that customers will start production on time. 
  The coal slime dryer is the main product of Zhengzhou Dingli, especially the slime drying equipment is more prominent, not only has more prominent sales, but also more eye-catching in customer reputation. Zhengzhou Dingli custom-produces all types of coal slime drying equipment such as coal slime, raw coal, coking coal, washing coal, long-burn coal, peat, etc., using new clean burners for heating, ensuring drying efficiency and quality of dry coal. Effectively alleviate coal drying pollution, promote continuous production of coal slime drying production line, and create expected economic benefits.
  Dingli coal slime dryer not only updates the heat source technology, but also carries out multi-polarization purification upgrade treatment at the exhaust end of coal drying, three-stage progressive purification system for cyclone dust collector, bag filter and wet dust collector. It also improves the efficiency of dust removal, inhibits carbon and sulfur pollution, ensures environmental safety assessment of coal drying projects, and smoothly puts into production and efficient production.

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