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Potato residue drying machine production line dust removal device cleaning method



  The dust removal equipment is an auxiliary device for the environmentally friendly potato residue drying production line. The use of dust removal equipment will affect the dust removal effect of the production line. Today, Author introduces the small knowledge of the dust removal device of the potato residue drying production line - the cleaning method.


  Pulse cleaning. The pulse of the coal dust of the filter bag of the potato dregs dryer is called pulse cleaning method. In the process of using, it can spray air into the filter bag through a pulse valve in a very short time, and the filter bag can be deformed and impacted under the action of high-speed air, thereby achieving the dust splashing. purpose. The sound waves are cleaned. The so-called sonic cleaning is to use the method of sound waves to vibrate the filter bag of the dust removal device of the potato dregs dryer, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning. In general, the method of sonic cleaning is extremely effective in the cleaning of filter bags in which glass fibers are present. Mechanical cleaning. The mechanical cleaning method can be subdivided into three forms: high frequency oscillation, manual vibration and mechanical vibration. When the dust removal device of the potato dregs dryer is cleaned, they adopt horizontal motion, vertical motion and rapid vibration. However, due to the mechanical cleaning method, the damage to the filter bag of the potato dregs dryer dust removal device is relatively large, and the cleaning effect is not particularly ideal, so it is gradually replaced. Reverse air flow to clean. Literally, this method is that the gas and the coal dust on the filter bag exhibit a relative motion state, and the air flow deforms the filter bag of the potato dregs dust removing device and generates vibration, so that the coal dust leaves the filter bag. And thus collect it. When using this method for cleaning, it is necessary to wait until the coal dust forms a certain thickness, otherwise the coal dust cannot fall into pieces and affect the cleaning effect.

  The cleaning method of the above dust removal device can achieve obvious effects. If you want to know more about the potato residue drying production line, you can visit the official website of Zhengzhou Dingli.

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