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Zhengzhou Dingli is not proud of the small circle of science and technology giants continue to move forward



  Zhengzhou Dingli was honored in Henan's 2018 Technology Giants Incubation Enterprise Rankings. The efforts of excellence and innovation have been verified and the results have been verified for more than ten years. However, Zhengzhou Dingli will not be proud of the aura of the small giants of science and technology, and will continue to work hard to push the drying technology to a higher level in the level of environmental protection and energy conservation.


  At this time, the 208 companies newly cultivated by the small giants of science and technology organized by Zhengzhou, Henan Province achieved sales revenue of 10.634 billion yuan and net profit of 918 million yuan in 2016. The number of newly acquired intellectual property related to major products (services) reached 3,199 in the past three years. . There are 124 high-tech enterprises among 208 enterprises. Zhengzhou Dingli is honored to be one of them. As a breeding company for small and medium-sized tech giants, Zhengzhou Dingli will continue to move forward, with responsibility and obligation to push drying technology to a higher level, and at the same time more in line with China's economic development theme, helping green Energy-saving drying.

  Zhengzhou Dingli will deeply and continuously explore and research and develop the environmental protection and energy-saving technology of the dryer to promote the progress of drying technology in Henan.

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