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Hebei yeast dryer test machine site



  The yeast drying project previously built for our customers in Hebei has entered the testing process. The customer is very satisfied with the results of the equipment testing, and will continue to cooperate with other projects.


  Yeast drying is used as a pellet feed additive. It is widely used in aquaculture. Yeast culture can be directly fed to livestock. Feed yeast has a variety of nutrient elements, which can promote the growth of livestock and poultry, and enhance the resistance of livestock. The rich trace element yeast can be widely supplemented. The trace elements necessary for various animals are a pollution-free green trace element additive; the yeast cell wall is an immunopotentiator to improve the intestinal micro-ecological environment of animals. The recovery of yeast by yeast dryer has very objective economic, environmental and social benefits.

  Zhengzhou Dingli is a professional dryer manufacturer, providing customers with yeast dryer, beer waste dryer and other equipment. Our company can customize according to customer needs, welcome to inquiry and order equipment.

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