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Green Defender of Fine Brewer's Grain Spent Drying Project



  The current technical problem of brewer's grain spent dryer is not the cost control technology, nor the problem of the drying of brewer's grain spent. The main problem is the environmental protection of brewer's grain spent. The dust and carbon-sulfur pollution generated during the drying process of brewer's grain spent is an important bottleneck for the continuous operation of the project. As the green defender of the distiller's grains drying project, Dingli's advantage and significance lies in the drying and greening of brewer's grain spent.


  Dingli brewer's grain spent dryer is first and foremost the cleaning of the heat source. The heat source is an important source of pollution for the production line of the distiller's grains. Especially for the coal-fired drying distiller's grains, the heat source is the heavy production area of ​​dust pollution and carbon-sulfur pollution. Therefore, Zhengzhou Dingli is equipped with environmentally-friendly heat source equipment according to customer requirements, using coal-fired burners, fuel-burning burners or biomass-fueled dryers. It can also make full use of customers' existing steam resources for conversion and heat drying. This effectively suppresses the source of pollution.

  The technical reform of the heat source can only be suppressed from the source, and its pollution still exists. Therefore, exhaust gas treatment is also indispensable. Zhengzhou Dingli Distillery Dryer adopts multi-stage exhaust gas treatment system, dust purification, carbon and sulfur component purification and classification treatment, grade weakening, and meets the requirements of environmental impact assessment.

  As an old manufacturer of brewer's grain spent dryer operation for many years, Zhengzhou Dingli equipment has no suspense in production capacity, drying capacity and energy saving ability, and the core competitiveness of the enterprise, that is, environmental protection technology, also guarantees the customer's distiller's grains drying project. Continuous and efficient production, to promote customers to seize market opportunities and improve the supply of processed brewer's grain spent.

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