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How much does it cost to dry the white brewer's grain spent?



  Drying the white brewer's grain spent is also a white wine distiller dryer, in addition to drying wheat distiller's grains, corn distiller's grains, buckwheat distiller's grains etc. It is also possible to dry bran, corn, bean dregs, sweet potato slag and other similar slag materials, so Use white brewer's grain spent to produce mixed feed and invest in a white brewer's grain spent dryer.


  How much does it cost to drying the liquor? The cost of drying white brewer's grain spent has gradually declined with the wide application of energy-saving technologies, which is more favorable for customers to increase profit margins. Zhengzhou Dingli's drying of white white brewer's grain spent drying equipment has been further controlled in terms of power consumption, fuel energy consumption and equipment depreciation. The operating cost of drying brewer's grain spent equipment has dropped significantly. At the same time, Zhengzhou Dingli also further reduced the price of the white white brewer's grain spent dryer, and the manufacturers offered more preferential offers to promote the project return.

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