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Sweet potato residue dryer technology impresses you for 6 moments



  It is more and more common to invest in the drying and dehydration production line of sweet potato slag, and it is also an inevitable requirement for the continuous production of sweet potato processing. Zhengzhou Dingli Sweet Potato Slag Dryer has high production efficiency, low consumption and low pollution. It is based on the actual needs of customers and guarantees customers the high profit of dehydration and drying of sweet potato slag.


  Zhengzhou Dingli Sweet Potato Slag Dryer touches customer expectations with 6 major advantages and meets customer needs. It can be summarized as follows.

  1. Small footprint, processing method, high drying efficiency

  2. Use a clean fuel burner to supply heat, and set up a sedimentation chamber to purify the dust, breaking through the bottleneck of burning coal.

  3. Multi-stage exhaust gas treatment system equipment matching to meet the local environmental assessment requirements of the project

  4. Three-layer rotary drying structure, high heat utilization, reducing heat loss and reducing project operating costs

  5. Reasonable planning by the factory, making full use of the customer's existing resources for equipment matching, and reasonable cost per penny

  6. All three systems use energy-saving technology to reduce the power consumption of the sweet potato slag drying production line and control costs reasonably.

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