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White wine distiller dryer to dry liqueur mixed high humidity material



  Some customers simply dry the white wine, directly use the special dryer for white wine, but some mixed with white wine, bean dregs, potato dregs or other bad materials, how can the white wine dryer?


  The white wine distiller dryer adopts a three-layer rotary drying structure, which is suitable for drying a variety of high-humidity materials. Therefore, it is also suitable for the mixed mash, potato residue, potato residue etc., and the material drying efficiency is high, dry material coloring Good, good taste, high cleanliness, good moisture control and low operating costs. Another important advantage of this structure of white wine distiller dryer is that it has a small footprint, which is very beneficial for small and medium-sized feed mills or aquaculture plants, and the profit margin is also larger.

  White wine distiller dryer manufacturer Zhengzhou Dingli supply complete sets of high-humidity material dewatering machine and tumble dryer, the price concessions are strong, the equipment has a long service life, the manufacturer has comprehensive services, the operation of the old factory, the reputation is good, the reputation is high, and it can promote Customers benefit from long-term benefits.

  The mixed miscellaneous materials can also be dried with high quality in the white wine distiller dryer. The whole process is environmentally friendly, clean and efficient.

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