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How long does it take to change parts during the use of the cardamom dryer?



  The soybean meal drying production line is composed of main equipment and components. The various accessories of the soybean meal dryer play an important role in the production line. The parts will wear out during long-term use, and the staff need timely maintenance if worn. If the situation is serious, it needs to be replaced, but then the case needs to be replaced. How long does it take to replace the parts during the use of the soybean meal dryer?


  In fact, the time to replace the parts is not fixed. If the parts of the soybean meal dryer production line can be used without serious problems, the parts do not need to be replaced. For example, if the barrel has cracks and local deformation, it needs to be repaired. Replacement is required when replacement or wheel surface wear is tapered, polygonal, and localized through cracks. In addition, the tooth thickness of the transmission gear needs to be replaced or repaired when it is worn to irreparable damage. The replacement of spare parts is required by the technicians. Generally, the technicians find that the spare parts have been replaced by irreparable faults during the overhaul, and may also need to be replaced if the equipment suddenly fails. Parts.

  The construction of the soybean meal dryer production line is inseparable from the composition of the parts, so the maintenance and maintenance of the parts is a necessary measure to maintain the production line. It is necessary to find out how long it takes to replace the parts of the soybean meal dryer production line. necessary.

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