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How much is the pasture dryer



  Zhengzhou Dingli supplies a full range of feed dryers, including drying equipment such as dregs feed corn bran, as well as forage feed dryers, suitable for grass feed materials such as alfalfa, royal bamboo grass, oat grass, crop straw, etc. The rapid drying technology of hot air ensures that the taste and color of the forage feed are better maintained.

  The forage feed dryer also uses the drum drying equipment, but the drying method of the waste material is dried by a low-temperature hot air method. Under the premise of setting the drying temperature and drying rate of the forage, the dry grass is dry. The damage to the color and taste is smaller and the shelf life is extended for a longer period of time.

  The forage dryer is equipped with an indirect clean hot blast stove. The clean air is heated by the blower into the heat exchanger to reach a temperature of 150-350 ° C. After the dryer is blown into the dryer by the dryer, the material is dried, the water is evaporated, and the temperature is lowered. The dryer is discharged to 35-55 ° C, and the dusty moisture is discharged through the dust collector to reach the standard discharge.

  The price of pasture dryer is an external manifestation of the comprehensive utility of equipment performance, drying technology, processing quality, practical cycle, work efficiency and economic benefit creation ability. At the same time, the manufacturer's positioning is different, and its price fluctuates in value. Zhengzhou Dingli insists that quality is the first official, and the price positioning is in line with the long-term development of the company. Therefore, the price of pasture dryers is more than dry goods, and the customers benefit more.

   With the continuous expansion of the forage planting area in China and the continuous improvement of planting quality, the forage grass economy has formed an intensive and large-scale development trend. The market demand for pasture dryers is stable and the prospects are considerable. Zhengzhou Dingli custom-made full-type pasture feed dryers. At present, the export business of pasture dryers has also grown rapidly. It has rapidly expanded its market in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and India, and its performance is gratifying.

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