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Yunnan new potato residue dryer put into operation



  How to solve the problem of dehydration and drying of potato residue is a heart disease of many high-starch high-humidity waste slag plants. Paste and sticky wall are common problems. Recently, Dingli's new potato residue dryer production line in Yunnan was officially put into operation, the equipment is running normally, and all the parameters have reached the standard, which has been well received by customers.

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  How to achieve efficient and high quality potato residue drying? This requires manufacturers to have a solid technical foundation, mature technology system to provide customers with protection. Zhengzhou Dingli uses the mixer tumble dryer to dry and dehydrate the potato dregs. The high-humidity potato slag is sent into the drum by the screw conveyor. Under the copying board, it is continuously picked up and scattered to spiral forward. The built-in stirring blade The device fully stirs and breaks up the material, fully expands the heat exchange area between the material and the hot gas, thus solving the sticky wall scene. At the same time, the tumble dryer is provided with a shock cleaning device to prevent the material from bonding to the cylinder wall and the curtain Uniform, large heating area, high pass rate, largely avoiding the occurrence of paste.

  The potato slag can reach the water content of about 35% in the mixing drum dryer and is discharged by the screw conveyor. It enters the special pulverizer for the semi-wet material, pulverizes the material particle size to less than 1mm, enters the pulse airflow drying process, and the powder is 3-10s. Rapidly removed to less than 14%, the dry powder is recovered by the cyclone unloader and the pulse bag type dust collector, and the exhaust gas reaches the standard discharge to complete the entire drying process.

  Yunnan potato slag dryer adopts this kind of drying technology and drying structure. During the debugging process, the equipment runs normally. The drying capacity and processing capacity of potato slag per unit time have reached the standard. At the same time, the equipment has been upgraded. The version of the environmental protection and energy-saving technology, so in the potato slag drying energy consumption and power consumption, praised by customers. This has largely reduced the cost of customer projects and increased the drying profit margin of potato slag.


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