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Some influences of local factors on the purchase of brewer's grain spent dryer



  There are many places to pay attention to when purchasing brewer's grain spent dryer. Now pay attention to the fact that the equipment meets the needs of the company and also consider some local factors. What do you need to pay attention to?


  The local influence conditions are mainly: the selection of brewer's grain spent dryer should be based on the local average annual temperature and humidity to select the appropriate dryer. Select the available heat source (coal, fuel, electricity, gas, liquefied gas, natural gas). Pay attention to environmental protection requirements - restrictions on dust emissions, noise, vibration, odor and volatiles etc. Require the user's operator level and maintenance ability, choose wine brewer's grain spent dryer suitable for the manufacturer, and also select the equipment of the corresponding size according to the scale of the enterprise site.

  Brewer's grain spent dryer is one of Dingli's mature products. Our company has provided brewer's grain spent dryer for many companies. And it is widely used in the drying of brewer's grain spent, white brewer's grain spent and other materials. The dryer is designed according to the customer's local conditions and raw material characteristics combined with our company's drying process. Therefore, it is highly praised by many companies. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order brewer's grain spent dryer.


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