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Sawdust dryer project officially launched in Medan, Indonesia



  There will always be a return. Since March, Zhengzhou Dingli’s projects in several places have gradually entered the acceptance and delivery process. The customers have received rave reviews. Recently, the sawdust dryer project in Indonesia has been successfully accepted, and the biomass fuel raw materials are dried. The dryer was officially launched in Medan.


  Indonesia has a population of nearly 262 million, second only to China, India and the United States, ranking fourth in the world. Indonesia is one of the founding countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. It is also the largest economy in Southeast Asia and a member of the Group of 20 countries. Its aerospace technology is strong. Petroleum resources can achieve net exports. Indonesia was a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (1962~2009) and is re-joining the organization in the near future. The Indonesian archipelago has been an important trading region since the 7th century, and has a good cooperative relationship with China, which also provides a friendly international environment for business cooperation between the two countries.

  Zhengzhou Dingli firmly adheres to China's “One Belt and One Road” development strategy and strengthens international cooperation. The export business extends from the waste residue dryer, straw forage drying, and coconut palm cocoa dryer to various fields, biomass fuel raw materials and slime. The drying of high-humidity materials such as coal and oak plugs has been involved, and the dryer production line has performed well and won praise from customers.

  The Mindan sawdust dryer has also been well received by customers. During the construction period, the customer's active cooperation and friendly attitude not only smoothly promoted the smooth progress of the project, but also trusted and recognized by our company. The customer's praise is no longer hesitant and is verified again.

  Sawdust dryer is one of Zhengzhou Dingli's important export product series, and it is also an important upgrading equipment in the biomass pellet fuel production line. It has a positive effect on reducing the cost and increasing the pellet fuel forming rate for the production of sawdust biomass fuel.Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order products.

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