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How much is silage hay dryer



Silage herbage has advantages over dry herbage in both storage time and nutrient content, but what about direct drying after fermentation? Silage grass dryer can handle large amount, centralize drying and improve quality, and at the same time keep color and nutrition.

silage grass dryer


Silage is a kind of feed, which is made of plant feed containing much water after sealing and fermentation. It is mainly used for feeding ruminants. Silage is more storable than fresh feed and has better nutrition than dry feed. In addition, the storage area of silage is small, but silage data has higher requirements on the sealing of packaging, and the storage of silage after drying is more convenient and the market operation is safer and simpler.


The silage grass dryer price quotation on the market is multifarious, the manufacturer's propaganda is also extremely similar.A review of the dryer manufacturers need to go deeper into the company in the field of investigation, such as how many manufacturers herbage dryer successful cases, and as far as possible to the field investigation, the dry grass sample standard, drying technology to parse and difficult ability, etc., a solution can verify the rationality of the silage herbage dryer price side.


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