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How to dehydrate waste cabbage leaves/ Cabbage Leaves Dehydrated Video



  Waste vegetable leaves can be used to reduce moisture by mechanical dehydration. How can waste vegetable leaves be dehydrated? Today, the editor will share with you the dehydration treatment video of waste vegetable leaves.

  The waste vegetable leaf dehydrator is designed according to the principle of superimposed compression, mainly relying on the cooperation of the feed box, the spiral shaft, the screen mesh, and the tail cone to achieve the purpose of material and water separation. The material to be processed is evenly conveyed to the feed bin of the screw extrusion dehydrator through tools such as screw conveyors, after being extruded by the screw blades and filtered by the screen, water or juice flows through the screen to the water receiving tray under the machine for collection After being picked up by the pipeline, the dehydrated finished materials are output through the conveyor belt.


  Zhengzhou Dingli has launched a variety of waste vegetable leaf dehydration equipment according to customer needs. Welcome to call +8615670626070 for consultation.

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